The RVRR Club & VFW

The Ramapo Valley Railroad and the VFW

Founded in 1962, the Ramapo Valley Railroad Club (RVRR) had been an active member of the Ho-Ho- Kus community since 1994 when the non-for-profit organization was invited by the Ho-Ho-Kus VFW to occupy its building at 620 Cliff Street to build an HO scale model railroad for residents, local civic organizations and visitors to enjoy. Under a long standing legal agreement, the VFW provides a permanent home for the RVRR and in return the RVRR assumes the significant operating costs and maintenance of the building and provides a small meeting space for VFW members for monthly meetings and annual Memorial Day activities. In 2002 the VFW and the RVRR renewed their agreement, this time under the auspices of former Ho-Ho-Kus mayor Mac Sayers and Richard Dench, former commander of the VFW. The mayor and council of Ho-Ho-Kus approved the RVRR’s use of the property according to the terms of the deed. As per the deed, the seasoned building received dutiful attention from the RVRR.

The Club frequently hosted organizations such as the Boy and Cub Scouts of America, and local school groups and was an active member in Operation Lifesaver.  The RVRR made it a point to also be open free of charge nearly every Tuesday and Friday night to any visitor, neighbor or resident who wants to see the layout or learn about model railroading, improve their hobby and creativity skills.

The RVRR  thrived and was  featured in publications such as The Record, 201, The Villadom Times, The Town Journal and even The New York Times. The state-of-the art layout featured  more than 500 feet of mainline track and the multi-tiered layout boasted a wide variety of bridges, tunnels, mountains yards, engine facilities and industries from traditional farms and modern wind farms to the Ho-Ho-Kus RR station itself.

In October of 2017 the Ramapo Valley Railroad lost its lease (the VFW would not renew the long-standing release) and the Club disassembled  the train layout and put in in storage for the next era in its decades-long history.

In September 2019, thanks to the benevolence of The Allendale Community for Senior Living, the Ramapo Valley Railroad found a new home and is presently planning and building a new train layout for residents and visitors to enjoy.



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